College Workbook

Harness the power of college planning all in one place!

This straightforward resource provides you with a method for important college planning insights by serving as comprehensive self-guided workbook. Here you will be able to keep track of information gathered while touring and interviewing colleges. You will also set planning and criteria objectives in preparing for each step of your college decision process.

This singular book will enable you to

– Keep you on point for your specific college goals
– Track specific college admission and timing requirements
– Track your personal college priority requirements, preferences and essentials
– Provides Checklists, Tips and a Glossary of terminology
– Track specific college details from college fairs thru tours and interviews.
– Keep a record of facts and opinions
– Store all your e-id and passwords in one central location
– Even a place to record a college’s financial aid information
– Everything you need to kick-start your college selection

The rich content of this workbook was created to help students and their families, the idea of which was born out of our own family’s necessity. After not finding any singular resource to keep track of all vital the college information, I began research to create this workbook. Together with other parents, guidance counselors, high school and college students the College Workbook was born.

Let’s get started and help you reach your college decision!